Hey love! 💛

I’m Desiree Adkins, also known as The Rebelliously Responsible™ Coach. I’m a high-energy empath who adores “beneath the surface” convos + spontaneous dance breaks. ;-) Laughter, alone time, and watching horror movies keep my mind from relocating to Stress-ville. Whether with family, friends or awesome groups of inspired dreamers, I live to lovingly tell it like it is.

Now my passion…that’s coaching “good” girls + guys to color outside the lines of conformity with a bold, brave attitude.

If you’re wondering how I’m even qualified to speak on the matter, please allow me to “go there”.

I love helping others just like you. Problem is, I had this horrible habit of putting myself on the back burner to do it. So, for 15 years I jumped through hoops to prove I was enough, silenced my brilliance so my coworkers could shine, and killed my body just to have other people approve of me.

I was the poster child for self-sacrifice.

That’s old news now though. Today, self-care directs my generosity, courage is my guiding light and confidence beams from me like sun rays. I help others more than I ever have before and I leave a hell of a footprint wherever I go. Devouring personal development books, courses, and events helped. But it was developing the skill of courageous confidence that really made the difference. That’s right. It’s a skill. One that can be learned. No smoke and mirrors, illusions, or magic potions necessary.

Using my superpowers of realness, intuition, and warmth, I spark the growth of my REBELs so they learn to boldly trust their dopeness, bravely get back into the driver’s seat of their lives, and unapologetically bring their whole selves to everything. I’d love to show you how to do the same. So, if you wanna get in on all that goodness and leave a hell of a footprint wherever you go, book your free REBEL call below!

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