Hey Love! I’m Desiree… 💛

Generosity junkies REBEL with me when they wanna lead life with courage, give from their overflow, and leave a hell of a footprint.

Why? Because I spent 15 years jumping through hoops to prove I was enough, silencing my brilliance so my coworkers could shine, and killin’ my body just to have other people approve of me. I was the poster child for self-sacrifice.

That’s old news now though. Courage is now my guiding light and it beams from me like sun rays. Self-care steers my generosity, and I’m powerfully remembered wherever I go. That’s real freedom, and I want that for you too.

Wanna know what tapping into your courage can do?

Check out what’s unfolding for a few of my other bold, brave-hearted REBELs:


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