Hey Love! 💛

I’m Desiree, the rebelliously responsible™️ coach.

“Good girls” (+ a few good men) turn to me when they wanna stop holding back and adopt a brave, bold REBEL life that unapologetically feeds their souls and fuels their success.

But, who am I to even speak on the matter, you ask?

Well, I love helping others just like you. Problem is, I had this horrible habit of putting myself on the back burner to do it. So, for 15 years I jumped through hoops to prove I was enough, silenced my brilliance so my coworkers could shine, and killed my body just to have other people approve of me.

I was the poster child for self-sacrifice.

That’s old news now though. Today, self-care directs my generosity, courage is my guiding light and confidence beams from me like sun rays. I help others more than I ever have before and I leave a hell of a footprint wherever I go.

That’s real freedom, and it’s possible for you too. Don’t believe me?

Check out what’s unfolding for a few of your bold, brave-hearted REBEL sisters:


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