If you’re who I think you are, you’re an ambitious, “good girl” or “good guy” who knows what you want, yet you keep holding back because:


You’re constantly taking one for the team.

You’re walking on eggshells to keep the peace.

And, you’re swallowing hurt to avoid conflict.

I get that you wanna help others, but how are these habits helping YOU?

You see, I was the poster child for pretending like everything was cool. While my “act” was on auto-pilot, I was secretly dying inside. I spent 15 years jumping through hoops to prove I was enough, silencing my brilliance so my coworkers could shine, and running my body into the ground just to have other people approve of me. On top of that, "I'm sorry" was my theme song. I was ambitious and a “good girl” and… killing myself.

And listen - your “act” is killing you too. 

But, it doesn’t have to.

Snapping back to life is going to require you to show the world who you really are. And, not just parts you think people will accept or approve of, but your whole self. And no, I’m not talking about spending years on positive thinking, a one-size-fits-all plan for happy living or some “fake it ‘til you make it”-type thing.

You’re gonna need to get responsible about yourself and your life…

Rebelliously Responsible™.

Why? Because…


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You see, when you’re Rebelliously Responsible, you’ll become so in touch with who you are and what you stand for, that you’ll literally defy the person you've been told you should be. You’ll break the almost synonymous connection between serving and self-sacrifice, so you give from your overflow - not from fear, guilt, shame or worry.

And I’m here to show you how to do exactly that. 


You know, I understand where you’re at…

It’s numbing. Like a shot of anesthetic right to the heart.

It’s suffocating. Like a firmly clasped hand over your nose and mouth.

It’s restricting. Like your arms and legs are tightly bound and you can’t move.

Shaking off that confinement and giving yourself permission to breathe - to feel with no judgement - is the essence of freedom. And, I know you want it. I did too.

That’s why, TODAY, I wake up with plenty enoughness. When I have something to say, I speak up without hesitation. I rock the boat when it's off course, regardless of who's on board. My well-ness is my #1 priority and I never apologize for that! 💛

Now, it’s your turn…

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tap into that courage that opens the door to your brave + badass self.

Instead of running on the addictive adrenaline of 'doing it all,' treat yourself with kindness + respect. That's right! No more feeling at the mercy of others. No more playing "well-behaved" in public, while you're suffering in silence privately. No more settling for the predictable and ritualistic.


You care for your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-ness first. You own your life and your resilience fully - like the badass that you are. You welcome chances to grow and build deep relationships. You open to taking risks and you work doses of joy into life as often as possible; plus, you accept and forgive yourself and others. 


Your light shines, and like wildfire - it spreads, but not in a way that leaves you feeling exhausted, burnt out and under-appreciated. In the spirit of Marianne Williamson, you “...let your own light shine unconsciously giving other people permission to do the same. As you are liberated from your own fear, your presence automatically liberates others.”

You lead your life by what's most important to you.

You find your voice and trust the truth of what it says.

And, you leave a hell of a footprint wherever you go.

That's the life you want. That’s the life you deserve…

when you’re Rebelliously Responsible™!

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