The REBEL Retreat (in Barnegat Light, NJ)

The REBEL Retreat (in Barnegat Light, NJ)

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Friday, May 4, 2018 - Sunday, May 6, 2018

The REBEL Retreat is an adventurous weekend of pure "truth telling" sprinkled with energy, laughter and compassion, bringing you face-to-face with your Rebelliously Responsible™ self.

But first, who is she?

Your Rebelliously Responsible™ self is the passionate, super-supportive you that leads a powerful life based on what you value. She's the you that knows your worth and takes a stand for what you need. She's the you that understands your purpose and moves on it in a brave, badass way. She's the essence of who you are, and she's very much alive in you.'s time for her to step out of her shell and let her voice be heard, and The REBEL Retreat is a perfect place to start. 💛

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This REBEL Retreat experience combines on-the-spot coaching, hands-on activities and "real talk" to literally bring self-transformation to life in a way that makes sense! This is not a 'sit for hours taking notes while I talk' type of retreat. You'll work with me and our group to become action-oriented around what you want, with practical tools that are easily applied to the 'real world.' You'll see the results of your work, experience greater fulfillment and pride, and supercharge your motivation. As a matter of fact, I want you to wear comfy clothes because together, we'll get our hearts stirring, our minds pondering and our bodies moving as we draw out that daring, unstoppable woman inside of you.

Albert Einstein says, “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information.” This weekend experience (with a one-day-only option) drives right to the heart of "who" you are and what you value, so you can Own Your Life! When you take ownership of your life, it means letting go of:

  • Walking on eggshells to keep everyone else happy

  • Ignoring how you really feel so you don’t start an argument

  • Constantly taking one for the team while your needs go unmet

  • Avoiding conflict and apologizing for things that you haven’t even done

  • Always feeling like life is happening to you and there's nothing you can do about it

  • Never speaking up or "rocking the boat" even though you have plenty to say and offer

Hiding and suppressing who you are isn't really working, regardless of what you tell yourself in private, and you know it. The REBEL Retreat is where you'll get honest about what's not working and what does. It's where you'll rediscover how to be free by being yourself, how to take risks and "go for it" again, and how to help others from the overflow of giving to yourself first. That's how you...Speak Up, Make Waves and Live Out Loud💛

So, here's what's going down at The REBEL Retreat:

  • Friday - Doors to our beach-access retreat home open at 6pm. Weekend VIPs are invited to wind-down in an oasis of welcoming goodies like relaxation massages, a Bubbly Bar, and a scrumptious dinner (that you don't have to cook). 😋 We'll cap the evening off with a fire-side chat to clear our minds of the week's busyness and set our intentions for Saturday. This evening is all about feeling supported, making new friends and having fun!
  • Saturday (morning/afternoon) - Weekend VIPs are invited to a morning meditation session focused on manifesting our desires for the retreat, followed by a full breakfast with all the fixins'. At 10am, our one-day-only Saturday Sistas arrive. We'll start the day with a Good Morning Reception, then jump in!
    • Session #1 - "COMMIT TO YOU" - We'll start by getting you crystal clear on what's most important to you...and, I mean beyond family, friends and stuff. You're going deeper, to uncover what's essential for you to have to be your true self - not simply the self you think others will accept or approve of. You'll understand what holds you back from being more of who you really are, transform your beliefs about what's possible for your life, and commit to the way of living that feels best to you.
    • Session #2 - "CHOOSE YOUR PATH" - After a healthy, nourishing lunch, you'll jump back in and take stock of what's working and what's not, so you can consciously choose your next best steps. Seeing where your blocks are and where you've been following bullshit rules will show you what you're putting up with that no longer serves you. You'll go to work on raising your standards and expanding your boundaries so you stop tolerating junk.  
    • Session #3 - "CREATE YOUR LIFE" - You'll create a practical plan to keep yourself anchored in what makes you, Once you've defined how you want to experience life, you'll develop a system for keeping your experience that way, or getting back on track when you feel disconnected. We'll seal the deal on our creation with a celebratory champagne toast and gratitude circle! Saturday Sistas then say farewell for the evening with fab retreat goodie bags in tow. ✨ 
  • Saturday (evening) - Weekend VIPs are encouraged to take some downtime, then join our 'Workshop Wind-Down' yoga session, just before enjoying a fabulous, celebratory 3-course meal on the rooftop deck. After dinner, Weekend VIPs are welcome to settle in for a Sip 'n' Chat session with me (Desiree), take a walk along the beach, or use the time to 'do your own thang.'
  • Sunday - Weekend VIPs can hit the snooze button or join in a morning meditation, followed by another full course breakfast and the last of our retreat hugs. Weekend VIPs then say farewell for the day with exclusive REBEL Retreat Swag Bags. Doors to our beach-access retreat home close when The REBEL Retreat ends at 11am. 

**Note that all meals, drinks, snacks and activities are included for all particpants, and accommodations for Weekend VIPs.**

There is no better moment than this one to begin creating the life you’ve always wanted.
— Desiree Adkins, Founder/CEO of EVO2GRO

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Desiree Adkins is the growth-igniting personal coach that passionate, super-supportive women turn to when they want to create powerful lives led by who they are and what they value. She believes that who you are, right now in this moment, is enough to make your dreams come true!

She teaches you how to create a life that's great, without having to hide, ignore, or suppress any part of yourself. By learning to trust yourself and bring your unique genius to life, you clean up your head and heart clutter, take action on what you really want to accomplish, and leave behind a hell of a footprint wherever you go.

This is next-level growth. At EVO2GRO, we call it evolution because it so deeply shifts where you're at, that the world around you shifts too. You see, when you're BE-ing the best version of yourself, you take that brave, badass living into everything you touch, and it spreads like wildfire, forever changed. That's how you -

"Heal the world. Start with yours."


Every effort has been made to accurately represent this training and its potential. Each participant's success depends on their background, willingness to engage and level of follow-through. As with any endeavor, there is an inherent risk and there are no guaranteed results of using the methods taught in this training. The activities, exercises, and materials provided are for educational purposes only and should not be misconstrued as therapy or psychological advice.


Selection of a Flex Pay Plan will require minimum amounts to be paid PRIOR to the beginning date of the live event. Flex Pay prices do not include any finance charge which is not the norm of such events, or in general in the coaching industry. In order to attend the event, attendees must be in good standing. Good standing is defined as all payments are current.