REBEL Academy Roundtable (April 4, 11, 18) - $99/month

REBEL Academy Roundtable (April 4, 11, 18) - $99/month


APRIL 2018 - "Roundtable" 

Miss last month's topic on unmet needs? Want a little coaching boost to stay motivated? Curious about what being coaching is actually like? Join me live in April within our small group, where I'll coach you directly around... to get what you want without sacrificing who you are.

Juicy, right? If you've been held back by self-sacrifice and are ready to let that mess go, this is the month to join us. We're getting down and dirty with the real reasons you're suppressing, ignoring or hiding who you are to make things happen in your life. It's time to stop compromising who you are beautiful. The world is ready for you - every.single.piece. 💛

Session Schedule: Wednesdays @ 9pm - 10pmEST

**To ensure that every one of you gets coached during REBEL Academy Roundtable. it has a very limited number of spots. So, purchase yours now!

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REBEL Academy

presented by Rebelliously Responsible™️

REBEL Academy is a virtual 'circle of sisterhood' designed to get you quickly back into the driver's seat of your life. We believe that your dream life is possible - without suppressing, ignoring or hiding who you are and what you need to have it.

In the REBEL Academy experience, we'll take a mini-plunge into a burning issue that's been frustrating you! Every month, we tackle a new topic together, in a way that really helps you grow and keeps your time, energy and wallet in mind. Imagine taking super-specific steps with a REBEL buddy right beside you, and all for the cost of take-out for a week. That means no more worrying about what to do next, whether anyone has your back, or if you're breaking the bank.

With topics that rotate each month, you'll have a chance to address your most important concerns - on your own terms. Like this month's topic? Jump in and join us for the month. Wanna sit out next month? Do it lady. Get your choice on. This is personal development tailored to you. When you are with us, your REBEL sisters will cheer you on as you work through this bite-sized way to create a life that you love. 💛

How REBEL Academy Works:

  • Time - We work together for 3 weeks. At the end of 3 weeks, you'll know with certainty what's at the heart of your burning issue and how to move beyond it.

  • Training - We train virtually as a group once per week, for 45 minutes. During these live video training calls, you'll learn strategies to shift from stuck to unstoppable.

  • Coaching - We coach as a group once per week, for 45 minutes. During these live coaching calls, we’ll look at how your weekly strategy is going and address any challenges you're having.

  • Materials - In addition to live online trainings and group coaching calls, you'll receive exclusive access to our private FaceBook group and your own REBEL Academy action sheets, to help you take advantage of our time together and support where you’re headed and who you want to become.